Patient Testimonials
"Michelle takes more time with me, and HEARS me unlike any of my other practitioners. I always look forward to my treatments, and my little escape from the stresses of life. I frequently fall asleep on the table, as her office isn't like an office at all, but a serene sanctuary." - Annette
"I've had a number of different acupuncture sessions over the years with a variety of different acupuncture physicians and I can truly say Michelle is really a gifted practitioner. The results I had with previous A.P.s was mixed, from unremarkable to pretty good, but the results I see with Michelle's treatments are always exceptional. She has treated me for chronic pain, energy balancing, hormonal issues and allergies. I always leave her office feeling much better, and often the results are even more dramatic over the following few days. She always takes time for a thorough treatment, and does more in each session than I have experienced with any other practitioner.

Her office is convenient and comfortable, she is available after work and on weekends, and I never have to wait too long to get an appointment. I usually schedule online, which is easier for me. She'll often recommend things such as bodywork, yoga, or nutritional or herbal remedies, but I never feel pushed toward anything and I always feel her advice is very practical. I feel very lucky to have found an Acupuncture Physician whose treatments produce such good results for me. I often refer friends, colleagues and clients to her. She is also very good at working with people who haven't had a lot of experience with alternative medicine or who may be needle-phobic and has a number of options that work for that type of patient as well." - Holly L.
I went to see her for a medical problem that I had been dealing with for more than 6 months. My "regular" doctor sent me to several specialists and they could not help me. I have used acupuncture in the past for migraines with a different AP doctor and it was very helpful for me. Michelle was able to treat my problem and help me to heal and get better. She truly is gifted in her profession. She is always there to help. She is very kind and compassionate. She not only has helped me but also my son. I would never consider seeing another AP physician since I have found Michelle. She is the best and I would highly recommend her." - Jackie C.
"Michelle Alley is a highly skilled and personable acupuncture physician. I am quite afraid of needles . . .. Michelle has the patience and ability to skillfully ease the concerns and improve the overall health of her patients." - Clair L.
"I was wounded in the left knee while in Viet Nam. I have pain and limited movement. I also have lower back problems and shoulder problems as a result of walking with a stiff knee and having used crutches and canes over a period of time. After my first treatment my knee had less pain and a much smoother feeling of movement. I continue to feel better and better after each treatment. I am able to walk and stand better with very little pain in my back and knee. And as an added bonus I always feel very calm and relaxed. Since I am a business owner, it is huge for me to be able to cut down on stress and relax." - David E
"As an athlete I encounter aches and pains every single day. I had really bad back pain that was preventing me from training. For figure skaters back pain can end your skating career very quickly. I tried going to doctors and chiropractors but everything they suggested, like aleeve and physical therapy, was not helping at all. Just leaning forward to tie my shoes was terrible. After several months of pain that left me crying I happened to find Michelle online. I decided to try a treatment that was different from painkillers and heat packs because the pain just wouldn't go away. The very first time I visited Michelle, I felt relief already which was something that did not happen with anything I tried before that. If you keep up with the treatments the results start to get even quicker. I am now able to train with basically no back pain. The best thing about her is that she has a lot of experience. She is familiar with many types of injuries, even ones that may seem uncommon. She uses her knowledge in different areas which helps you in several different ways. Cuppings, herbs, acupuncture, massage, etc. She is always trying to expand her knowledge and cares greatly for her patients. I was relieved to find someone who was genuinely interesting in helping out and fixing the problem that leads to pain, not just trying to mask it with painkillers. She has treated me for so many different problems I get from my tough training regimen, such as sprained ankles, sprained back, arch problems, hip flexor pain and so much more. I know that whatever happens I can rely on her to make me feel better in no time. She is also great at using acupuncture and other treatments for stuff other than physical injuries. She has helped me deal with stress and sickness. Anything I am having trouble with I come to her first because I know she can help. She is the sweetest person and makes you feel very comfortable during your treatment. If you have any kind of pain from injuries definitely give her a visit, you won't regret it." - Irina G.
"Michelle has done wonders for my neck and shoulder with her acupuncture treatments. She is amazing!!" - Leigh S.
"I frequently refer my massage therapy clients to Michelle for acupuncture work and personally seek her out when I have ailing arms, hands or elbows from my own issues with overuse in my massage business. I find her work not only highly effective, but her manner to be down-to-earth, straight-forward and the environment she creates to be soothing and educational at the same time. Highly recommended!!!" - Kumari K.
"Michelle got rid of my allergies last year - two treatments! They didn't come back this year!" - Lu M-K.
"Great results with her acupuncture and hot flashes, and with my hand" - Cheri C.
"I never received acupuncture before so it intrigued me and after the sample ear test I left there with my first appointment scheduled! I headed back to see Michelle for my very first, official acupuncture treatment. Michelle is so warming, welcoming and calm that you just want to hug her. We chatted about my history and problem areas and she had me lay down on their heated, automatic table and she went to work on my front and back. There is calming music as well so even though you may not feel the calming effects immediately like you do during a massage, this is your down time with yourself while you relax and let the acupuncture do it's work.

My first problem area we really focused on was my lower back as I deeply bruised my butt bone years ago and now when I sit for a long time on a plane or in the movies, it starts to ache. A week after my first treatment, I was on a plane home to PA and back and neither flight was a bother... WHAT?!!? AMAZING! So I went back and we worked on my right arm that gives me issues and literally since I have left... no pain! We also are paying attention to my head and neck since I hold all my tension in there but I am also trying a new diet which is not really helping with my headaches so those results will probably take a few more sessions. Overall... amazing and I can't wait to go again, Michelle is a magic worker!" - Colleen B.
"I am very grateful for the gift that Michelle has for healing. Her knowledge and caring go far beyond typical acupuncture. She has helped my back pain, something I thought I would have to live with." - Keri D.
"Never felt better. Definately book 6 or more sessions for long term results. You cannot cure a lifetime of abuse in just 30 minutes but 30 minutes will make you feel years younger. Your body will love you for it!" - Sean M.
"Who knew acupuncture could help with hot flashes!! It does wonders." - Margaret B.
"I've had fibromyalgia for 12 years and don't do well the medications conventional medicine has to offer. With acupuncture and massage treatments from Michelle, I am still able to not only manage my symptoms, but continue to improve with Michelle's recommendations for a healthy lifestyle!" - anonymous
"Michelle is a very gifted healer! She knows intuitively what areas need attention! I am pain free and walking better than ever and getting stronger everyday thanks to the exercises she recommended. I highly recommend Michelle as she is not only knowledgeable, but gentle and loving!" - anonymous
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